Gaylen Arthur Duncan
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Oct 13, 1946 to Mar 26, 2008


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Rules of the House - "Rules from your Leader"
These are the infamous Rules of the House written by Gaylen for his children and read out at his Memorial Service. You are welcome to copy and adopt all or part as your own.


The Issue that Dare not Speak its Name
Coming out on the Productivity Gap in Canada

Speech to the Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA). May 20, 1999

Gaylen Duncan, - 1999 Quotes
President & CEO, Information Technology Association of Canada

“Millennium-bug problems absolutely will produce litigation because the stakes are very high and organizations will look for a scapegoat to this immense problem.”

Gaylen Duncan, president of the Information Technology Association of Canada (ITAC), commenting to Carleton University calls Statistics Canada's numbers virtually irrelevant.

"We're used to polling data that is 24 hours or 48 hours old. Looking at economic data that is three years old is kind of dumb."

Fighting Crime in Internet Time
Notes for a Speech by Gaylen Duncan, President & CEO, ITAC
e-security 2000 June 12, 2000 - Toronto, Ontario

Turtle Soup, Venison and a Piece of the Action
Notes for a Speech by Gaylen Duncan, President & CEO, ITAC
To The Canadian Institute's Conference on Employee Stock Options
September 12, 2000 – Toronto, Ontario

The Networking Instinct
Click here to read the notes for a speech by Dr. Gaylen Duncan, President & CEO, ITAC, which was presented at St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, Nova Scotia. October 19, 2000.

International Issues: Cybercrime
October 23, 2000
Letter to Hon. Anne McLellan, Minister of Justice and Attorney-General of Canada

2002 Brain Gain Conference
Notes for a Speech by Gaylen Duncan, President & CEO, ITAC
To the Conference Board of Canada's
March 26, 2002, Toronto, Ontario

Queens University - Networking Instinct Revisited
Notes for Remarks by Gaylen Duncan
President and CEO, Information Technology Association of Canada
To Queen's University
January 31, 2003

Gaylen Duncan, - 2003 Quote
- Gaylen Duncan, President and CEO of ITAC

"The industry has been aware for some time that one solution to the chronic shortage of skilled workers is to do a better job of attracting women into the field."

2003 Conference - Possibilities of Government On-line
Notes for Remarks by Gaylen Duncan, President and CEO, Information Technology Association of Canada
February 25, 2003 – Ottawa

eWaste Collection and Disposal Pioneer
Government of Canada congratulates EPS Canada and the Canadian electronic industry for its initiative to design, implement and finance a nation-wide program to recover, re-use and recycle post-consumer electronics in an environmentally sound manner - April 2003

(Note: Gaylen inspired John to become one of Canada's first eWaste Recyclers - Eventually the same Dave Betts and his organization, EPSC kicked John in the teeth, encouraging Saskatchewan to funnel all eWaste Deposit and Collection programs to Sarcan, a non-profit Saskatchewan organization. Gaylen was horrified that an organization he helped spawn could strike such a blow to entrepreneurship. Should we tell our farmers? and Our worst eWaste polluters will most likely be SERM/SWEEP/SARCAN/EPSC)


Gaylen sent this email out on March 8, 2007

To: John & Helene Duncan (; Arlene Duncan  Gordon Duncan; Jennifer; Jamie Duncan; gaylen_duncan; Krista; Meghan Duncan; Rob Duncan; Frances Locke );
Subject: really interesting

        This will take some concentrating to follow but the end result is really worth it.
        We are related to the Stewart family. Robert Stewart married Mary Sharp whose children included Florence Benedict Stewart who married Gaylen Rupert Duncan on June 24 1903 in Ottawa. Mary Sharp's parents were Susannah Benedict and George Sharp around 1845. Susanah's parents were Damaris Capron and Charles Benedict on May 11 1812 in Concord NH. Damaris's parents were Nathan Capron and Dorothy Whitcomb  who were married on April 02, 1783. Nathan parents were Esther Freeman and Oliver Capron who were married on Aug 21, 1757.
        Esther's parents were Ralph Freeman and Sarah Capron. Ralph's parents were Ralph Freeman and Sarah Day who were married in 1689. Ralph's parents were Ralph Freeman and Katherine Lyon who were married on Oct 21, 1652. OK so you are asking yourself why you are still reading this and what the hell am I talking about. Well I will give you the first hint---you would be hard pressed to find a kid in North America who doesn't know something about the beginning of this story but equally hard pressed to find anyone but us who knows anything at all about the end. Hang in there I promise it will be worth it!
        Katherine's parents were William Lyon and Anne Carter who were married on July 17, 1615. William's parents were William Lyon and Isabel Wightman who were married around 1580 but the specific date is not yet found. William's parents were John Lyon and Joan. John's parents were Jonet Douglas and John Lyon who were married in Scotland in 1515. Jonet's parents were Elizabeth Drummond and George Douglas. Elizabeth's parents were Elizabeth Lindsay and John Drummond who were married in 1472. Elizabeth Lindsay's parents were Margaret Dunbar and Alexander Lindsay. Margaret's dad was David Dunbar whose parents were George Dunbar and Christina Seton who were married in 1354. Well believe it or not we are now about one third of the way there. That there is still a third to go may turn you off but I advise you to keep on going...the end result is worth the effort and if you think the effort is getting to be a bit much...think what the result will be worth. I can also tell you that I am omitting a wealth of detail to only provide you with the info you need to assure yourself and anyone else that there is no gap in the line. Things start to get really interesting now.
            The parents of George Dunbar were Patrick Dunbar and Isobel Randolf. The father of Patrick who was born in 1304 at Dunbar Castle, East Lothian, Scotland was Alexander de Dunbar. Alexander’s parents were Patrick Dunbar and Marjorie Comyn. The parents of this Patrick were Patrick Dunbar and Cecelia Fraser. The parents of this Patrick were yet another Patrick and Eupheme Fitzalan.
        The parents of Patrick Dunbar were Patrick De Dunbar and Ada Scotland who were married in 1184. The parents of Patrick De Dunbar were Waldeve De Dunbar and Aelina. The parents of Waldeve were Gospatric De Dunbar and Derdere who were married in 1121. The parents of Gospatric, who was known as Gospatric of Northumberland, were Gospatric of Northumberland and Princess Athelreda. The parents of Gospatric were Maldred Dunbar and Ealdgyth Northumberland. Maldred, who was known as Maldred Earl of Dunbar, parents were Bethoc Scotland and Crinan de Mormaer. Bethoc, which means Beatrix, was Princess of Scotland.
    Bethoc's parents were Melkolf (Malcolm) II MacKenneth, King of Scotland, and the Queen of Scotland. Malcolm's father was Kenneth II King of Scotland. Kenneth's parents were Malcolm I King of Scotland and the Queen of Scotland. Malcolm's parents were Donald II Dasachtach, King of Scotland and the Queen of Scotland. Born in 862, Donald's parents were Constantine I, King of Scotland and the Queen of Scotland. Constantine's parents were Kenneth I Macalpin, King of Scotland and the Queen of Scotland. To give you a feeling of our links to Scotland King Kenneth defeated the Picts in 850 and then united the domains of the Picts and the Scots thereby creating what we now know as Scotland.
        Kenneth's parents were Alpin, King of Scotland and the Queen of Scotland. Alpin's parents were Eochaid IV, King of Scotland and Fergusa, Queen of Scotland. Eochid's father was Aodh Hugh Fion, King of Scotland. Aodh's father was Eochaid III, King of Scotland. Eochaid III parents were Findon (Eochaid II) and Spodana,  Queen of Scotland. Eochaid II father is Dongart (Eugene VI) King of Scotland. 
          Dongart (Eugene VI) King of Scotland father was Eochaidh I Buidhe King of Scotland. Eochaidh's father was Edhan Aidan whose father was Gabhran who was born in 446. Gabhran's parents were Donart and Fedelmia. Donart's father was Fergus Mor Mac whose parents were Muredach and Marca. Murdach's father was Foghan Owen. Foghan's father was Niall Mor known as Niall of the Ten Hostages. There must be a story there!!!
        Well, believe it or not we are now in the final stretch! Niall's parents were Eochy Moyvone and Inne. Eochy's parents were Murdeach Tireach and Muiron. Murdeach's parents were Fiacha Strabhteine and Aiofe. Isn’t it interesting to see how many current names are actually from distant relatives. I wonder how much of this was really conscious and how much was just happenstance. Now, besides all the things you learned up to here, including our long stretch in royalty, here are two more things to chew on.
        Fiacha's grandfather was Cyllin of Britain who was born in the year 100. And Cyllin's son, who was Fiacha's father was Coel Coilus King of Britain...that is Britain not Scotland!!! However he has another name or title. He is best known as "Old King Coel". Born in 125 and died in 170. Yes you got it right. We are direct descendants of Old King Cole" as he is known now

Gaylen sent this email out on June 27, 2007 (Wonder if he tried it?)

Subject: Heart Attack Slide Show - [Worth 45Seconds of Your Time]

In case you haven't seen this !


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