Gaylen Rupert Duncan
Aug 6, 1914 - Aug 2,1988

Lord of the Dance
In his final years, Dad used to say that the table he danced on was getting smaller and smaller. At his Memorial service, thinking of his words, the family chose to sing the Lord of the Dance as the closing Hymn. My brother Gaylen gave the closing prayer right after the Hymn, and as he walked by me, to get out of the pew and to stand in front of the church he whispered "thanks you guys". We had chosen a Hymn that made his task certainly a most difficult one. He was so full of feeling. We all were. Amazingly, he was able to lead the congregation with grace......and now they dance together  - son John, April 2008

Gaylen Rupert Duncan, talks about Family in 1985 - 3 yrs before his death!

1985 Family Christmas Dinner
Dad reads from notes and brother Gaylen cracks us all up!
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200 Years of Duncan History
During family Xmas 1985 celebrations, Dad reads from a book written by his sister Marion Racine in 1934.
It starts the family history from 1812 - 3 years before the Battle of Waterloo


Life and Times of GRD  Recorded 1987-88
90 minute Tape 1
85 minute Tape 2
50 minute Tape 3

1932 Canoe Trip

Dad was cremated and his remains are buried in the Montreal Memorial Cemetery.- Ville St. Laurent, P.Q.

Parents and Siblings
Mountain View Cemetery - Thunder Bay, Ontario

 Andrew Robert Nov 15, 1920-Dec 31, 1921
David, Mrs. Nov 28, 1927
Florence Benedict (Stewart) July 22, 1878-May 15, 1961
Florence Isobel April 22, 1904-April 25, 1904
Duncan, Gaylen Rupert, Feb 07, 1878-April 19 1942 - Dad's Dad
Duncan, Rupert Stewart Nov 15, 1908-July 17, 1910


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