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Classified Buy/Sell/Trade Advertising

Policies and Procedures

This site is maintained to provide a classified advertising capability to our web site visitors.

You simply enter your ad with a description of what you want to buy or sell, and leave your email address for contact.

There is no charge to either the buyer or the seller for this service.

We will remove any ad that is posted that is not within our context of providing a professionally administrated "used computer parts" sales service.

We intend to use this service ourselves to buy and sell odd items as The Duncans, and we encourage all of our Associates to do the same.

You may make use of URL's in your advertisements, providing all URL's are appropriate and in good taste.

Your message will remain posted for 90 days, and then will fall off automatically. You are welcome to re-enter it at that time if you wish.

Items that are sold should be marked sold by the advertiser to stop unnecessary inquiries.

Thank-you for your support and co-operation

The Duncans





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