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December 6, 1998 Our X-mas Computer Camp Registration starts. Limited positions available.

November 1, 1998 The Duncan Book Shop The first books have started to arrive…take a peek!

October 18, 1998 Computer Classifieds Buy/Sell Site is launched. Save and make money!

October 15, 1998 A Tribute to The Zone Site is launched, a modern approach to eating.

August 24, 1998 A+ Certification for Computer Technician Course only $599 Limited Class

August 21, 1998 Kathryn Rose, 17 year old Director of Computer Camp Duncan completes the 1998 summer camp activities and is off to the University of Lethbridge to study music..

We are already planning a very exciting X-mas Computer (Computer Camp Duncan)

March 4, 1998 Global Broadband begins, Teledesic launches T1, the first of 288 satellites

March 4, 1998 Duncan Owner & Regina Firefighter, Ron Donison's Fantastic Dive Site

February 22, 1998 Net1FX, new low Internet rates with Net1FX

February 22, 1998 FastCash Leasing, the duncans.com computer leasing program

February 14, 1998 Regina Teacher's Club, our neighbor posts great website, check it out!

February 10, 1998 Learning Center Pricing, Our first pricing sheet for the Learning Center

February 1, 1998 Microsoft Secrets, February feature book in association with amazon.com

February 1, 1998 The Boardroom, online information for Duncan Computer owners

February 1, 1998 The First Wave, a preview of our Satellite web site under construction

January 26, 1998 New System Prices, 4 great new systems, including "The Burner"

January 25, 1998 The Short Story, the past, present and future of The Duncans and Associates.

December 31, 1997 Diamond Creek Band, great Regina Group ... all round great entertainment

November 15, 1997 MP3 Best Site, we are all going MP3 ballistic!

October 14, 1997 Barbara Dahl Productions, watercolor artist, White Fox, Saskatchewan

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