FastCash Leasing

You CAN Afford to Lease! With on-the spot leasing from FastCash Leasing, the Duncans leasing Company of choice,
you can easily afford to take your equipment home today!

What is a Lease?

When you lease, you only pay for the use of the equipment for a two-year period. You agree to pay a specific monthly payment. At the end of two years you can payout the lease and then own the equipment or give the equipment back.

Why Lease?

Affordability -
By paying for your computer purchase over a two-year period, it becomes very affordable.

Keep Credit Lines Open -
Keep your cash flow and credit card balances free. Your low monthly lease payment will be paid with a series of post dated checks,

Stay Current -
You will never own obsolete equipment because you can renew your equipment for the latest, most innovative at any time. FastCash Leasing will open the lease for upgrades and additions when appropriate.

Payment Convenience -
The post-dated check system of monthly payments insures that you lease plan will always be in good standing.

Tax Incentives -
If you are a small business owner, leasing may provide tax incentives by allowing you to defer or reduce your tax burden.

Why Lease with
FastCash Leasing?

Fast Approval -
Usually FastCash Leasing approval is complete in one business day. A contract is prepared and with your signature you take delivery of your computer within days following your application.


Add-On -
As your budget grows FastCash Leasing allows you to add peripheral components to your equipment for a minimal increase in your monthly payment.

Maintain Warranties -
With FastCash Leasing, you maintain all warranties and upgrade and exchange policies offered by Duncans.

Common Questions & Answers

What is the Lease Term?

24 months.

When Do My Payments Start? -
FastCash Leasing requires an initial payment when you sign the lease agreement. This payment is usually the first and last month payment of the lease. The remaining monthly payments will be by virtue of a series of twenty-two post-dated checks payable to FastCash Leasing.

What are the End-of Lease Options? -

  • Purchase the equipment at 10% of the original purchase price.
  • Keep the equipment and continue to make the regular monthly payment.
  • End the lease and return the equipment.

Can I Cancel the Lease? -
You can fully payout the balance of the lease at any time.

What is the Interest Rate? -
FastCash Leasing strives to offer the most competitive rates possible. Rates vary in line with current prevailing interest rates. Please refer to your representative for the most current FastCash Leasing lease rates. Duncans representative for the most current FastCash Leasing lease rates.

Actual Monthly Payments

Lease Amount

24 Months


$ 75.75



















These examples do not include taxes!


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