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Kobe Jonathan Michael Buraconak
Born January 7, 2003
5 pounds 15 ounces
19 inches (21 days early)

Wednesday, January 15, 2002
Well, it is officially week # 38 now, but i figure that since our baby decided to arrive on the second day of week #37, twenty one days earlier than expected, i will be forgiven for being so late in getting this, our last status update, issued. You all know all of the news by now but for the sake of posterity and to complete this pregnancy journal properly, i will write out all the things i want little Kfer to know about his arrival anyway. So here goes... I woke up on Monday morning (Jan 6) at 8:30am and went to the washroom. I quickly returned to bed because i had a very strong contraction that seemed to last forever... and afterwards, i guess i fell asleep because i was awoken by the phone at 9:50. It was cousin Melissa Burman, inviting us for dinner on Friday... "unless of course you go into labor before then- hahahah" she said. I hung up the phone and felt the need to go to the bathroom again... only this time it never stopped. A constant leakage that i quickly determined was amniotic fluid, not pee! I woke Vic up, and called the doctor. I was pretty sure it was my waters breaking, but i had only the same Braxton Hicks contractions I had been having for weeks. The doctor said to call back at 5pm if the contractions hadn't started by then. I called my mom (bubby) and told her the news. If i didn't start contractions, they would get me in to induce me by the following morning. we agreed she would come by train on Tuesday. By 5pm, contractions still had not started, despite the fact i was on my third towel of the day. I am pretty sure I called Jacqueline and bragged "I thought this was supposed to hurt" thinking maybe this whole delivery thing would be a breeze. At 5pm, the doctor I had been dealing with told me to head to triage by 7pm and that she would inform the next doctor on call. Given that my own doctor would come on call at 5pm on Tuesday, I figured there was a strong chance we would get her for the delivery. it took a while to really set in that this baby would be here in the next 25 hours or so, either by natural or induced labor. i spent most of the day walking around just waiting. After we watched a movie (I have no idea now what it was) we decided to head to the hospital around 7:30. By then, I was pretty sure that my labor had started since I was having pretty consistent contractions. When we got to triage, they were already 7-8 minutes apart. Triage was swamped as was the delivery ward. they had no room for us and there were two women ahead of us who were farther along, waiting for delivery rooms. Since an induction wasn't going to be possible until the following day, and since my labor had essentially started naturally, they sent us home with instructions to come back when the contractions had been 4-5 mins apart for at least an hour. We got home at 9:45pm but were back in the hospital by 12:30am. After two hours of increasingly painful contractions, i simply couldn't take it anymore. What had felt like literal contractions of my insides now felt like something moving through my bones, ripping me apart. I found it hard to breathe, hard to move, impossible to talk. We drove back to triage and they didn't seem too surprised to see me. "We knew you would be back soon!" they said. The nurse checked us into a curtained area and examined us. 2-3 cms dilated but fully effaced. Wow, she said. Do you want an epidural? Without even thinking about whether i did or not, or even knowing if fully effaced was good or bad, i said yes. Vic seemed perplexed as if maybe I might want to think about it but for the amount of pain I was feeling, i just knew that any alternative had to be better. then i felt guilty for caving and called out "would it be considered early to have an epidural?". The nurse advised that the baby was already in a 2+ position (inside the pelvis) and that since I was already fully effaced, i had already done the very hard part and if I thought i wanted an epidural to keep going i was certainly entitled (what a nice lady... in retrospect, i love her). They admitted us into the hospital and sent us to a delivery suite. The same one we had viewed in our prenatal classes, and the best one on the ward. Apparently, the busy hysteria we had walked in to at 7:30pm was passed... our timing was perfect. We met our first nurse who tried unsuccessfully to get the IV line in my arm. then our delivery nurse tried but couldn't do it either (those two attempts gave me a lot more pain than most of the rest of the delivery believe it or not). In the end we waited about 45 mins for the anesthetist to come and he inserted the IV into my other wrist and then the epidural line into my back. It took a while for the drugs to kick in, and they made me feel very cold and gave me the shakes but i wasn't uncomfortable and pretty soon the contractions got easier and shorter until i could feel them happening with no pain at all. It was unbelievable. We could hear another women screaming down the hall and both Vic and I said out loud.. take the drugs!! But to each, his own. Our nurse, Gillian, (who we both also loved), advised that 45 mins earlier I had only been at 2-3cm's and it would take a long time to reach 4cm's and then i could expect about 1cm/hr so she said she wouldn't bother to examine me now, but would come back in a couple hours and then do it. in the meantime, she said, we should try to get some sleep because "this baby wasn't coming until well after breakfast". She came back in two hours and, after measuring me, asked how far along i would like to be at that point. Given her earlier comments, i greedily asked if it would be too greedy to ask to be at 8cm? She laughed and said we were at 9.5 already and did I want to push? Hah! We waited for the doctor who arrived about a half hour later. Although i felt no real need to push, we decide to try a "practice push" instead. There's the head they exclaimed and although I couldn't see it myself, despite the mirror, i believed them! We pushed for an hour and 20 mins and then Mr. Kobe Jonathan Michael Buraconak pushed out his little head!! Once the first shoulder passed, Vic delivered the rest of his body and cut the cord. The briefest of moments. Too quick to capture on film, but certainly the most amazing second of our lives. Kobe came out screaming but stopped as soon as he heard Vic's voice. After the cord was cut, he was placed on my chest and immediately started to feed (such a good boy!). And so, although there are a hundred more details I could describe, the most important are that our son arrived at 5:54am on January 7, 2003. The same day as my Zaida's Birthday (after whom he is named, Kobe a derivative of Yaacov or Jacob) and the same day as his God-father Eric's birthday. It was also Greek Orthodox Christmas which makes Bubba and Zed Buraconak very happy! Oh, and Mom... well, she was now on the train heading to Toronto... hoping to arrive before the scheduled induction (oops, lots had happened since that last phone call). On the way to the station, just around the time Kobe poked his head out, mom and mike were cut off by a car with the license plate "KFer". Isn't that strange! She arrived at the hospital to find Vic already holding her new grandson. The whole day was filled with visitors: Owen, Harvey and Joyce, Lori, Jac, Muriel, Angie. next days brought even more, and lots of gifts and flowers and phone calls (especially from Zaida in Regina who was anxious for the news and for pictures!. It's been a week now since Kobe arrived. The whole world is different. Our lives are certainly upside down. Priorities have changed and despite hours of boredom during pregnancy, i realized there were so many things i still had not done... like laundry, or drafting an announcement, or getting food in our fridge.. the funny thing, is none of it seems to matter as much. We are completely and hopelessly in love and, for the first time ever (and certainly despite the last 26 weeks of status reports- of which this is the last), I can safely say.. there are simply no words! Welcome Home Kobe. xoxo Mommy

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Tuesday, December 31, 2002
Happy New Year! This is the last day of 2002 and the beginning of our final month. The last mile. The final stretch (could i possibly stretch any more?). Kfer is now considered "at term" and can safely come at any time. Despite some evidence last week that he wanted to be a 2002 baby, things seem to have have settled down somewhat and we are back to random and intermittent, albeit stronger, contractions (called Braxton Hicks).

No evidence that he has moved down much either so it looks like we are still aiming for a baby Aquarius. Next week the doctor will check for dilation and/or evidence that things are getting ready but for me it still doesn't feel like "its time". I have certainly slowed down though. It is much more difficult to walk and the warm-up route up to the village that Mommy used to run just to "get warmed up" is now a taxing adventure that requires a chaperone (thanks auntie Angie), a 45 minute rest-stop for hot chocolate and then a 1-2 hour nap afterwards. I certainly haven't had that feeling of being able to breathe more easily yet, and the fact that my stomach is just millimeters below my throat still means constant heart burn.

But- i am certainly starting to mentally prepare for the fact that it won't be long now. And nesting urges are still high (daddy reupholstered an armchair and mommy sewed throw cushions all using our new, used sewing machine... omygd when did we become so

I am really looking forward to seeing our little boy's face. My ever increasingly strange dreams have included seeing Kfer as a toddler (he looked exactly like Vic and nothing like me), and, again, as a small kitten which, for some reason, I needed to pull pins and needles out of 9probably influenced by the sewing machine adventures). Last night's mystery was about a great cottage my dad and helene had bought and that, after some demolition and excavation, revealed itself to be a major find, worth zillions (most of which my dad wanted to donate to some church- go figure. i also had a second dream of sharing a Christmas party with one of my business clients only to find that the only thing being served was different variations of meat all chopped off from the same fat pig (that looked a little too much like me in my ninth month for my appetite- thank you very much). Analyze that you Freudians out there (please). As a result of Kfer's hourly contractions, we stayed in the city for Xmas but were able to share Xmas eve with the honorary aunties and their respective beaus. Key observations being that all the girls involved in pulling together the Christmas eve turkey dinner were Jewish, and all the boys
in attendance (or in absentia but still considered significant others) were not. Meaning? None really. But when you do very little for days on end, there really isn't a lot to write about!

Daddy and i will spend a quiet night tonight observing the last night of this last year
and relishing our final moments of togetherness before everything changes. he called me earlier from Home Depot (of course) with a sudden realization that he is "going to be a dad". I am not the only one shocked by the name changes I guess. we wish all of you a happy, healthy and very exciting year, filled with whatever you wish for yourselves. And we apologize now for the fact we will be pretty self absorbed for the next few months (more so than usual) and for any special events, birthdays or milestones that we may neglect to celebrate with you. Be safe! xoxo Mommy

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Tuesday, December 24, 2002
Six Geese a laying.... Good week. Lots of energy which is good because i have been pretty busy at work and also pretty busy at home. Maybe this is that burst of nesting energy that comes before labor although i am more than a month early for that. When I do finally crash on the couch at the end of the day I've been watching lots of babies
delivered on satellite TV and am hoping that regardless of how everything turns out, i am now equipped to visualize what exactly could happen to me and for some reason that makes me feel a bit empowered (although i am sure that now that i have formally stated this outside my own sub consciousness, the actual event will undoubtedly be nothing like I am expecting).

I suppose this is also part of that predictable day- by-day behavior of a pregnant now start thinking about the delivery. I am not actually worried about anything, not even the pain, just about strategies to avoid C-sections and episi-oh-my-god-get-this-out-mies.

Kfer is very very active now and its easy to actually see his movements. It was amazing
one evening that I was completely uncomfortable and couldn't get him to stop moving for over an hour and finally asked Vic to talk to him and as soon as Vic did, he calmed right down. So freaky! The only new symptoms besides the ever-present joys of acid are my very swollen feet. I guess that's normal. It's also increasingly harder to get up
once I sit or lie down and i the battle of me versus stairs, I am sorely losing. There is simply no grace left in this ballerina! And I breathe like a tired old locomotive train (I think i can, i think I can, I think i'll just stop here for a second and catch my breath...).

Changes in food aversions and cravings also appear to have abated. Still enjoying ice-cream more than I normally would (pregnancy for some reason absolving me of the symptoms of lactose intolerance) and avoiding fish altogether, but the real shocker is the sheer amount of food I consume in a given day. Asked vic why we have been spending so much on groceries lately and in his most diplomatic and caring way, he
gently reminded me that i eat like a horse... no, a stable of horses. Also, we noticed that if i wait too long to eat, my heart just races out of control and I get very dizzy and feel very sick- so now I am trying to consume less but more frequently, which is a lot harder than it sounds when you are accustomed to being busy and not planning every
meal. I have never paid so much attention to food in my life and will be happy when this part of motherhood comes to an end (it does end, right?).

We received our first piece of mail today addressed to "the parents of Kfer Buraconak" although in lieu of KFer, it had our chosen name (which I am not sure is really a secret anymore but i have decided that for the purpose of this on-line journal, he will remain
Kfer until he actually decides to come out). It was from his Grandma and Zaida in Regina- "chicken soup for the parents' souls". Not sure why all these name changes keep affecting me so much. I guess in a way they are milestones that really connote the passage of time and, as daddy says, our rites of passage. So now I am not just someone's Mom and someone's Wife-to-be, but WE are now someone's Parents. Does this only seem huge to me? It was a nice feeling, though!

Last night I was talking to someone for 10 minutes before she even noticed i was
pregnant. That made me feel good. Especially because I am starting to now not feel so kick-ass sexy anymore... especially in that 2 second time clip when I walk past a full- length mirror. And also when I try to pull my naked carcass (emphasis on the second syllable) out of the bath at night. Daddy tends to have to help me more and more and (okay, this is going to make me cry) I have decided that tomorrow will be my last session with my trainer. Between the official end of my exercise regime, and the increasingly embarrassing and acutely humbling episodes of major prego brain, it is safe to say I no longer know the person I am.... although I am greatly looking forward to meeting the person i am becoming- once I finish manufacturing this little monkey
inside me. Have a good week! Next update will be on Christmas I guess.
xox Mommy

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Wednesday, December 11, 2003
I am exhausted! It has been a total whirlwind week. First, I turned 36... which really isn't so bad in and of itself (okay, it sucks... but I expect turning 40 will be worse) but Daddy surprised me with a card from our little Kfer and it was the first time anyone else (other than myself) had called me "Mommy"... cue the tears! Then, in case he hadn't triggered enough emotion, he handed me a card addressed to "my wife-to-be" and that was the first time I had been called that as well. Roll footage of tears.... No fair, two name changes on the same day i turn 36... like I am not emotional enough with just the raging hormones uber-child is creating in me.

Next, Aunties Angie and Jac threw a kick-ass baby shower, replete with delicious food, beautiful flowers, great gifts, great company and lots of laughs. I was totally spoiled!! I definitely could have stayed in the centre of everyone attention until my 37th but we all know that I am now just the vessel.... thus ends my 15 minutes (which really lasted way more than 15 minutes since I had 3 showers all in, on top of two engagement
dinners and a birthday celebration!).

Auntie Muriel missed the event but scored huge bonus aunt-points with her hand-crafted published version of Kfer updates. And i can't even begin to describe the
thoughtfulness that went into every gift and card, not to mention Auntie Stacey coming all the way in from Florida, and Bubby, Auntie Sandy and cousin Victoria coming in from Montreal. What a total treat!

And in case all the love and attention wasn't enough, I was also treated to a visit from great Auntie Dina (the original Aunt) Queen of US baby clothes shopping. I was also completely surprised by a beautiful gift of gold by Great Auntie Kayla (and that was just for me, nothing to do with baby!). In fact i got quite a few very appreciated Bday gifts, all meant to keep me warm, relaxed, well manicured (and pedicured) and pampered.

I honestly had nothing to wish for when I blew out the candles on the world's most expensive (but definitely worth it) chocolate-banana birthday cake from Dufflet
pastries (and Auntie Jac). By Saturday night, I just crashed. But wait, come sunday morning, everything started up again.

What a hoot it was sitting around with the "great Aunts" and Bubby blubbering like
babies to all the "old songs". Not to mention feeding our faces with junk food (no fair pointing out how huge I am and then offering me nacho chips and cheese spread!). Daddy bought me a special gift, a digital camera, which will ensure everyone will be getting up to the second coverage of Kfer's imminent arrival.

As long as daddy doesn't pass out or mommy doesn't knock it out of his hands in animalistic pain during delivery. Oh, and the girls have started a pool guessing
when we'll go. earliest date was Jan 25 (my guess, influenced greatly by the fact we plan to attend a really fun dinner party that night) and most sadistic latest date was February 14... in honor of Auntie Angie's Bday i guess, and Valentines day although at that point, I will be 17 days overdue so if the cruel person who cast their vote for
that day expects me to be celebrating either event they are critically mistaken).

I guess that's it. I could go on and on. i feel very humbled by how much love I have been shown recently. It a very powerful feeling. I have internalized it and am funneling it through the Kfer in more manageable doses. thanks you everybody! xoxo Mommy
(and "Wife to be")

My BabyCenter: Pregnancy 33 Weeks

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Tuesday, December 3, 2002
Seems like things are starting to move a lot faster now. Time. Kfer. My heart rate. Everything. And Kfer is kicking on demand much of the time. At different times, I can feel what i am guessing are limbs or feet poking out in different places or in response to prodding or to daddy's voice. It's cool.

We had a second wonderful shower hosted by the Duncan girls on Sunday, and were showered with more adorable and practical gifts for the baby. What a great treat! Boy is this kid going to be spoiled! And the Duncan girls have all already volunteered for babysitting so I guess mommy and daddy will be spoiled as well!

We bought and assembled Kfer's crib yesterday. Things are starting to feel less like playing mommy and daddy and more like: "Oh My g-d what have we done/ are we ready for this / do we have a choice either way / on the other hand this is fun and kinda cool at the same time" instead.

Daddy almost even bought a baby-on-board window sign (but then remembered the envoy has tinted windows, not to mention the fact we are at least trying not to exhibit all our middle-aged yuppiness in one fell swoop).

Much less back pain now, although still enjoying the bouts of acid. I guess Kfer really is getting bigger because it is getting harder to breathe and sometimes it feels like he is pressing on my diaphragm... well, actually, it feel more like he is squeezing my lungs between his chubby little fingers but i am not entirely sure that's possible from where he's sitting. I just remembered that I am turning 36 this week. And it has occurred to me, having just noticed the date, that this is the first time that I really haven't given any thought to my own birthday... we'll, except now, of course. I guess this is also another first i will be adjusting to. And instead of fancy clothes, or expensive gifts, the only things that really appeal to me this year are back rubs and bubble bath. OM MY G-D I AM ALREADY A MOTHER AND I HAVEN"T EVEN SQUEEZED THIS PUPPY OUT YET!

Vic asked last night as I was climbing the ever increasing wall of stairs to our bedroom if i ever thought i would be pregnant. I had. i just never gave much thought to what it would be like. On one hand, it is a lot easier than i thought it would be (no morning sickness, not too many inappropriate comments or gestures, no juggling a demanding career while trying to hide an expanding belly, etc..). On the other hand, i had no idea of all the physical, physiological and psychological aspects to it. I guess I just thought you get fat, waddle around and hold your back for 9 months. (''course i thought Japan still had geishas walking around and living in huts before I went there so take that for what its worth). I also never really appreciated how long 9 months really is. I used to measure time in Semesters, starting with the September purchase of loose-leaf paper. Then I measured time in quarters, starting with January and the presentation of revised marketing plans. Now I measure time in weeks. Forty weeks to be exact. Somebody should write about this subtle stuff about growing up. Somebody else should make you read it, sometime a long time before you find yourself going through it. Course we wouldn't have cared much, would we have? xoxo Mommy

Fetal Development: 32 Weeks

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Thursday, November 28, 2002
What a busy week! We had our first baby shower, in Montreal, and were simply spoiled rotten! Having a baby is lots of fun when it means playing with little clothes and cute little toys and charming story books and things, but it really hit home when they rolled out the stroller and the portable playpen. Hey! Wait a minute... This isn't pretend anymore. This isn't just play-mommy-and-daddy... there's a real baby coming! And I can't change my mind about that.

Evidence? Kfer decided to move out of his breech position and put his head down like a good boy. Okay- that was a wild ride of about 1 hour's worth of intense cramps that felt like someone pulling the muscles in my abdomen in opposite directions! And that's just turning... not trying to squeeze through a pelvis! Oh, this is going to be some adventure! Kfer has been moving a lot. Dr. says everything is progressing really well and besides the extremely more intensified hit series "Return of the Acid Monster", I really don't have any complaints. I am sure I grew in the last couple days. I am feeling like I am busting out of my body. Daddy can't understand how my ass can be so huge and so tight at the same time! In my view, it just matches every other part of my body now. It's like feeling someone stuck an air hose in my belly button and just started filling things up. Everything seems to be twice the size it was last week. My trainer measured i am 44 inches around my belly... That's over 3.5 feet! And I am sure that's nothing compared to what the next 8 weeks will bring.

Since Kfer turned, i have a bit more relief from the back ache. And nothing else is really bothering me (physically, anyway). I won't get started on the self- pity, boredom, frustration or fear elements because hey... nobody is really interested in that part anyway! Pregnancy is supposed to be a happy, glowing, radiant, chirping birds and martha-stewart- decorating kind of time... so i'll just keep the self-conscious "what happened to my body/career/finances/sense of control/freedom crap to myself. You know what i love most about being pregnant? The smells! Everything smells so intense and strong. That part is very cool. Of course it also has it's draw backs.

Today i walked into a waft of another client's fart at my trainers'. Turns out it was the wife of Rush's lead singer- Getty Lee. Okay, how's that with a twist on the usual brush with stardom? See, exciting things happen when you slow down enough to pay attention. I have added a recent picture to the site (taken today!). Don't faint when you see it! xox Mommy

My BabyCenter: Pregnancy 31 Weeks

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Tuesday, November 19, 2002
Ten, ten, ten ten-let's sing a song about ten. How many is ten? Ten more weeks. Ten more weeks left of being a couple before we become a family. Ten more weeks of at least attempting to sleep in. Ten more weeks before my name changes to "Mom". Ten more weeks to finish the projects on the project list, to shop before I pop (or drop), to delude myself that I can still plan my career. 2 months and 10 days to due date. That's 70 more sleeps. That's 10 more week- ends of leisurely reading the newspaper. One more Birthday. One more Chanukah. One more Christmas. One Last New Year's Eve (which i hate anyway so who cares about that) then everything changes. What an interesting place to be standing. On the brink of inevitability.

So many things have already passed... oops, too late to run away and become a wild sex demon living a free-spirited life of orgies and drugs (not that i wanted to- but it's pretty safe to say it's too late). Too late for Tom Cruise to come to his senses and beg me to marry him (sorry babe, ya snooze, ya lose). No more even passing for a "Miss" at the mall. I can't reach my toes (I can't even see my toes), and its pretty safe to say that I'll never be an MTV VJ. ten more weeks. One week for each finger. 10 maids a milking.... oh, that's ironic! Oh, who cares...

Bring it on. I'm ready (don't quote me on this later). Memorial services for my brain will be held this week- all are invited...i forget where. Been a good week. Kfer is moving in new and painful ways. Less episodes of acid donations but they seem to be more intense. Had another set of tests for gestational diabetes, waiting for the results. drinking 75 grams of sugar after fasting for 15 hours, not that pleasant.. but not as bad as 3 needles in the same vein. Love being pregnant! Had a dream we delivered in 3 minutes... faster than Dominos! Also had a dream about Mark Zoland (working my way through all the ex'es is actually so predictable there is a whole paragraph on it in what to expect when you are expecting). Think I am almost done, just that kid in kindergarden... what was his name? Finished the Master bedroom (Yeah!). Got Kfer's wardrobe ready for stocking. Celebrated our engagement with Aunties Jac, Muriel and Angie and all their respective beaus.. that was fun! And now looking forward to a big family do in Montreal for baby shower #1. Ten pennies in a dime. Ten more bottles of beer on the wall, but only 3 more episodes of Sopranos! xoxo Mommy

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Hello, First of all I would like to say that I resent you telling everyone about Vic's and my most intimate details. The steam cleaning was one of the most romantic things anyone has ever done for me. Perhaps you don't fully understand our relationship.

For your information Missy, when Vic was a little boy, lying in his twin bed at night, he didn't have pregnant women on his wallpaper and in his toy box. Do you think on Saturday mornings he raced strollers around his Hotwheels set?

Do I email the other Mustangs complaining about your personal trainer? Why do you have to mention my hydraulic lift?

I'm just saying.....give the guy a his mind, before he had you in his house and Kfer in your belly, he had me in the garage.

Also i saw you looking at his butt when he worked on my new expensive compressor thingy unless you want me to tell him how you've been using my new tools to scoop Hagen Daas ice cream out of the container at night i think we should call it a draw.

Besides, when you and the kid need to go shopping with Auntie Sandy you know you won't be taking the Jimmy.

Friday, November 15, 2002
Women gain 11 pounds from this point on???? I am not sure if I should consider that good or bad. Considering I tipped the scale at a whopping 180 this week (Kfer was holding his breath to make himself heavier), then I am almost scared about what the next two months will bring. Doctor says I am on target and not overweight but my Mom in her very subtle (I'm not saying but I'm saying) way may think I need to cut back on the treats. Okay gang. I am heightening my awareness... which translates to less Hagen Dazs (read "less", not none).

Kfer has been more active in the last week than ever before. Twisting and turning and kicking on demand to the delight of aunties and uncles and anyone with patience and nerve enough to hold their hand on the Buddha belly. Highlight of the week? Telling everyone that we are engaged (oh, and running in to my ex, Clarke, and watching while Vic burst out laughing when introduced to him and how Sandy beat herself up for kissing him hello). Hysterical! Can't ask for a better "Boy is my life better than your's" follow-up with an ex than to stand up and introduce him to my Fiancé with my belly sticking out! Okay... hehehehe, back to being a nice mom.

Am amazed at how my legs can look like tree trunks by the end of the day and then back to (relative) normalcy in the morning. Still following the predictable route of pregnancy I guess. Swelling in all the appropriate places at all the appropriate times. Have decided to give up my prenatal yoga class though. Too much tree-hugging politics involved (talk about shoving breast-feeding and cloth diapers down my throat, and get serious, why would I want my elbows to be able to come together behind my back even if i wasn't pregnant).

Decided to spend our money on working out with my trainer instead (which i find far more beneficial) and getting massages (far more therapeutic and more effective at relieving my back pain).

Good news... our doctor decided she can't live without delivering babies and so after dropping us last month, advised she will still be around after all (although we still get whoever is on rotation at the time of labor). Still, if Kfer is anything like his mom (which I somehow doubt he will be), he will plan his arrival according to my detailed and color-coded production schedule so that we can have her there to "catch".

We started our prenatal classes this week. Vic was very well behaved (for Vic) despite two hours of having to pay full attention to me. No wonder women like prenatal classes. Constant uninterrupted attention for two solid hours..... hehehe! And this week we worked on coping mechanisms for how to help your partner manage her pain through labor (my preferred route may prove to be too embarrassing for Vic in a room full of doctors and interns, not to mention either of our mothers...and so I guess he'll have to learn some alternative massage techniques).

Daddy is getting very excited about the baby. Had the engine pulled out, and the body steam cleaned.... he's excited about Kfer too, but so far i haven't woken up in the middle of the night to find him standing staring at my belly with a stupid grin of pride the way he does over the garage.... not yet anyway. We have all agreed, this is his way of nesting. Why a nest needs a hydraulic lift or an air compressor i don't know but apparently they do. I would say thank g-d I'm a woman but then I think about the labor tapes we viewed last night at class, and the thought of passing a watermelon fbetween my legs, and I realize I still long for that latent and basic desire to be able to pee standing up, to take pride in the expulsion of all my bodily gasses and to coast through life with the oblivious bliss of being a man. But then again, I like the workie boots and the tool belts.... Almost at week #30.... Can you believe it has been 30 weeks??? I can! xoxo Mommy

My BabyCenter: Pregnancy 29 Weeks

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Monday, November 11, 2002
okay, this is pretty late since we just officially started week #29 today but once you read this letter, you'll understand why. xo Mommy

Annette Verschuren, President
Home Depot Canada
426 Ellesmere Rd.
Scarborough, Ontario M1R 4E7

November 4, 2002

Dear Ms. Verschuren,

Enclosed please find a cheque in the amount of $2.00 CAD.

I am not certain if this is the exact amount we owe to your company, but I am pretty sure it will sufficiently cover the cost of an item we recently stole from your Leaside store. Please let me elaborate…

This past weekend, on November 2, 2002, my boyfriend and I were visiting the Leaside location to pick up more paint for the redecorating project we have undertaken for our Master Bedroom. As enthusiastic “do-it- yourselfers”, we usually visit this Home Depot location 4-5 times per week. In addition to the Master Bedroom project, we are also in the middle of executing the following projects- all of which we do ourselves using the products we purchase, and the guidance we obtain, through your stores:  Completion of a two-car garage we have just built on our property  Restoration of a 1967 convertible Mustang  The planning and design for renovations to our basement in order to make room for a new home office / music room and TV room  The planning and design for renovation of our existing TV room into a nursery for the anticipated arrival of our first child, a baby boy at the end of January 2003. I won’t begin to list the outrageous number of projects we have completed in the last 3 years at our townhouse and at the condo we own and rent out. Needless to say, we have contributed at least a few hundred thousands dollars in your tills, and countless of week- ends and evenings combing your aisles. I can assure you that neither of us has ever stolen anything from Home Depot before (or anywhere else for that matter). There seemed nothing unusual about our visit this past week-end. As we waited for our paint to be mixed, my boyfriend Vic Buraconak, led me down a different aisle under the premise of just needing to pick up one more thing. He slowly scanned the rows of nuts, bolts, nails and screws- obviously looking for some particular item. I must confess I quietly grew impatient (at 7 months pregnant, I admit that I am not as tolerant as I normally am and any activity that interferes with my next meal does, at some point, become a bit of an annoyance). Imagine my surprise when he grabbed my hand and slid what I think is a split-lock washer onto my hand and asked me to marry him! Right there, in the middle of your Home Depot store. Ms. Verschuren, I will be 36 years old next month and Vic will shortly be 43. I am a professional career woman and long ago realized that I simply did not see myself following the traditional path of storybook proposals nor white weddings with big bouncy dresses. In fact, I more aptly fit the descriptions applied to the emerging trends indicated by our recent Canadian Census: A professional career woman, living common-law, and starting her family in her late thirties- without first being married. While I was not surprised I was asked (we had talked about getting married and knew we would eventually do so), I was certainly surprised by the context of the proposal. I cannot for the life of me think of anything that could have thrilled me more or been more representative of the relationship Vic and I share. And of course, this split-lock washer (or whatever it really is) is the most fitting fitting I could ever imagine. While we did pay for the paint, the excitement of the proposal and the significance of the washer were just so much a twist on our usual reality, that we neglected to pay for my new “engagement ring”. I hope you will understand why we inadvertently stole from one of your stores, and why it is now so important to us that we correct this oversight. Heaven knows I don’t want to walk around wearing a stolen ring! I thought I would take the time to settle our debt, to share this story with you and to reinforce the concept that at Home Depot, everything is possible. I hope you will understand and forgive our little indulgence, and that you accept this cheque by way of apology.

Signed- a very loyal and now very endeared customer, Gayle Duncan

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Friday, November 1, 2002
I know an old lady, her name is Gayle Duncan, she looks like an angel who swallowed a pumpkin... Happy Halloween! Clever Kfer dressed up as a hermit and helped mommy and daddy hide upstairs with the lights out. Guess this is the last Halloween we'll be able to ignore from now until eternity.

Busy week. We met our cousin Jacob Burman, and playmates Jonathan and Benjamin Pike. We also said goodbye to Aunty Kristyn who visited for a while (Kfer is looking forward to introducing himself in person to everyone when he makes his world debut in early February. He is very much looking forward to this week's visit by Bubby and Grandpa and Aunties Sandy and Eric. And also to any Halloween candy contributions anyone wants to make to the "keep mommy happy" benefit fund. Not to say we are expanding rapidly or anything but daddy now refers to us as Hagen and Dazs. Kfer has been very very active this week. Dancing and kicking and practicing for his taekwondo exhibition. i won't be the least surprised if the child is born wearing a black belt.

We at least are having some better sleeps lately now that Mommy inherited a body pillow from Benjamin and Jonathan's mommy. Still, sleep deprivation is the new black right? Every newborn household is wearing it so we are just doing our part to get ready. Not much is new. Mommy succumbed and bought her first "baby thing", a little suede pair of workie boots so Kfer can help daddy when he works in the garage. Just picturing the two of them wearing nothing but workies and tool belts (and maybe a diaper for Kfer) made mommy cave and finally break her oath not to buy anything prematurely. Now it's open season (good thing I'm broke!).

Not much else to write about. Still eating, still getting mid- back pain, still working out, still eating. Life is good. Can't complain (but do anyways). Starting to really slow down though. Why did I buy a townhouse??? Oh to have been attracted by a bungalow. Now I know why people start to act old. it's not an attraction to mini- vans and sweatpants, it's the body's complete abandonment of all that is youthful and strong and energetic. Why move mountains when there is still another pint of Hagen Dazs calling my name. Later, Mommy

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Wednesday, October 23, 2002
Is it that time already? Could have sworn I just wrote #25. not a lot of new things to report. Kfer is actively sending gastric acid signals up mommy's throat on a pretty regular basis. Kinda like a prenatal form of smoke signal communication.... "I am tired"- here's a douse of burning acid. "I am hungry"- hey, how about a bit of acid?- "Hey, look mommy, a dog!"- and would you like some acid to go with that? If old wives tales are to be believed, this child is going to have more hair than Fabio.

We had our first glass of milk. Well, Kfer's first glass ever and Mommy's first glass in 15 years. Survey says: Milk still sucks. But hey, it provided about 15 minutes of relief from Kfer's sea of fire so that's okay. Still, we're pretty sure that Milk will not become a regular cocktail of choice for mommy dearest.

Not a lot of changes since last week- with the exception of the ever darkening line dividing mommy's torso in half, and the pretty constant back ache that makes me secretly begin to negotiate with g-d that if he would just let men be pregnant for a while, i would promise to stop complaining.

Welcome to month #7- the winter of my discomfort. And- Oh, for the days when the actual amount of pee I peed was proportionate to the pressure that sends me careening into washrooms I would normally never patronize. I have suddenly become insanely aware of how stupidly most public washrooms are designed. Despite all efforts to squat rather than sit (which is a lot harder with 30 extra pounds of deadweight hanging squarely between my knees once I am bent over), and then careful precision in thoroughly washing my hands and using paper towel to turn off the running water taps (so as to avoid unnecessary and indescribable germs), we still have the door to contend with. I just can't seem to avoid asking myself- did the person who used this washroom before me wash their hands before the opened the door to leave". I know this sounds trite, but when you go to the washroom 30 times a day, this question can become increasingly bothersome. Are all pregnant women as fixated with this as me? Can I make a zillion dollars redesigning the public restrooms of America? Or will this ambitious plan, like so many before, be quickly forgotten in the limited attention span of the pregnant... hey, is it time for our mid-morning meal? I think so! I just caught a delicious wave of blazing acid. Such fun! Now I know why so many women "just love being pregnant". 3 more months.... tick, tock! xox Mommy

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Friday, October 18, 2002
A little late (we start #26 on Monday) but #25 was a pretty good week. We enjoyed the long week-end and after the usual and never- ending effort to make a dent on the house projects (garage and master-bedroom plastering) decided to take Kfer to Niagara. Well, i mean, he is essentially a tourist at the moment having never seen any external wonders of the world, just the "7 wonders of the womb": blood, placenta, amniotic fluid, various gases, vitamins & minerals, chocolate and, most recently: turkey, stuffing, gravy, mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce followed by generous portions of pumpkin pie- finally!). Kfer, like his daddy, liked the casino part the best. He was kicking and gurgling at the craps table "c'mon shooter!" and was very excited that after all of daddy's winnings, the entire day's expenses were covered. I figure it was his first lesson in financial planning: skip college, go directly to casino. Not bad for a prenie- already been to a rock concert, and had his first gambling lesson and the kid ain't even born yet.

What? what's that? tell daddy you don't want three middle names... okay... i'll let him know. I agree, less is more. Mommy had a few blue days, probably because since we got sick, we can't run anymore and I hadn't figured out what the hell to do with myself. But Kfer pushed us to take a prenatal yoga class and that pumped us right back up: Sun salutations, downward puppy (better known as downward dog to you unpregant types). It was great. Especially because everyone else was just as clumsy and fat as we were! What's that honey? Tell daddy you don't wnat to be named after a motorcycle? Ok. I'll let him know.

Everything is progressing as it should. Aunty Jac says Mommy is looking better proportioned and not so fat around the middle now that the rest of my body has spread out to match it's growth (we love aunty Jac- don't we?). Just wait sistah! Just you wait. Kfer was pretty quiet while we were sick but is right back to his dancing ways now. He kicked mommy really hard during "Sex and the City" last night (again, this is a TV show, not just mommy bragging about daddy's energy levels). I think it was at the point when all the girls came to Miranda's defense when some jerk said she has a fat ass. I think it's Kfer's way of saying- Hey, my mommy doesn't have a fat ass, not now that she's "evenly proportioned" anyway.. That's my boy! What's that pickle? Tell daddy that you are NOT going to want to change your name when you are a teenager so we don't have to give you 4 different options? Okay, I'll tell him. Oops? You want to be named after an NBA basketball player? Okay, that's interesting, I will have a little chat with your Pa and we will let you know. Tune in next week when Kfer asks: Daddy? How come you named the dog after a President but you and mommy named me after a side of beef? xoxo Mommy

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Friday, October 11, 2002
Faites dos-dos, Colas mon petit frere, Faites dos-dos, t'auras de l-eau, l'eau.... Okay Kfer- wake up! just cause mommmy was sick for the last 10 days doesn't mean you have to be so quiet! Went to the Dr. this morning, baby's heart beat is strong but he seems quiet to me. Time to get some movement going. Hmmm, he just kicked me as I wrote this so the good news is that our brilliant son can either read through the womb, is psychic, or agrees with the coffee I just drank. I think we are going to walk our running route this afternoon and shake things up a little. Nothing really new or exciting to report. Work is slow, days are slow, I am not sure I like this "learning how to adjust to not really doing anything stuff". The sudden appearance of large dark bags under my eyes is disturbing. Daddy says its either old age or the pseudo-indian frozen Loblaw's meal we had last night. I think it is sheer boredom. I can't believe how restless i feel after having done nothing for the last 10 days. For lack of inspiration myself, please imagine I have ended this entry with something witty charming and typically clever! xoxox Mommy

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Sunday, October 6, 2002
Whoa. What a week. I guess you are wondering why the status update is only coming now considering we start week # 24 tomorrow. Must be because Kfer went to his first rock concert last Saturday and mommy has been suffering the hang- over ever since. Actually, we went shopping at the market in the morning only to reach the conclusion that mommy and Kfer just can't do the market by themselves anymore (at least not without
strangling some body or lying down to take a nap on the butcher counter). Then, feeling foolishly brave, we decided that we hadn't gotten exposed to enough crowds and germs so we went to Yorkdale to buy some more fat clothes. maternity stores are a hoot. Can you imagine an entire store filled with women in vary stages of pregnancy all posing this way and that and wondering "does this make me look fat"? Yes. yes it does. But would you rather look fat in red or in blue lady?

That was an adventure. By the time we got home after negotiating Saturday shopping drivers at their very best, we had one hour to sit down before daddy carted us off to the Air Canada Centre to see the very last concert by THE WHO. Surprisingly enough, it was actually fantastic... except for the humiliation of attending a concert and having to sit there with a wad of napkins over your nose to avoid inhaling the clouds of marijuana. Needless to say, we didn't stay for the whole concert but Kfer sure did seems to enjoy himself and was dancing for most of it. His favorite song? Teenage Wasteland (aren't we in for a treat?). By Monday night mommy started to feel like her head was going to explode and then spent the next 4 days in bed. being sick without permission to take drugs is very, very cruel. No offense Kfer, but it was without a doubt the first time in 6 months that i didn't think about being pregnant. in fact, besides the occasional plead to be shot in the head or for the Mack truck to reverse itself off my chest, I didn't think much at all.

Kfer was especially quiet for 3 of the 4 days... i guess he felt guilty knowing mommy wasn't allowed to have her Dristan. G-d bless Aunty Carey who called and informed me that Benalyn DM is approved for pregnancy! Between that and my blessed Vicks vapor rub (and this is not a sex thing with your daddy, it comes in a jar!), I made it through the wilderness. yesterday we were thrilled just to take a walk and today, we have changed all the sheets, vacuumed the house and aired out all the germs. So not a very eventful status update but Doc says we are both doing okay so I guess that's good. xo G

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 Mommy (aka: "Nature Goddess")    at 23 weeks

Thursday, September 26, 2002
Although this is the beginning of the sixth month, I will officially rename this week the "Redemption Week of The Rah Rah Sisterhood". Despite a small sense of isolation from my souls sisters in my first trimester, honorary aunties Jac and Muriel more than made up for it with an all-girl's week-end at a rented cottage replete with back massages, pedicures, scrabble games (thanks for letting me win, Jac), GREAT meals, a run through the woods and your requisite naked forest belly poses. I think at one point Jac was supporting my back while Muriel rubbed my feet. The bliss! The theme of the week-end was that it was all about me (since it never will be again) and Kfer didn't seem to mind much although he did accommodate the massage schedule by giving me lots of back aches. Thanks girls...

I look forward to returning the favor when its your turns. My belly is definitely expanding and this morning when i bought my first pair of pregnancy tights i was informed that pregnancy tights are essentially just queen-sized tights worn backwards. Vic says he is not looking forward to the day i turn those baby's back around! last night I felt Kfer kicking, but on the outside. Vic held his hand there and felt nothing but each time I put my hand there, Kfer gave it a firm boot. today he has decided that the new game to play on mommy is called, scorch her throat apart with heartburn. We've been playing it for hours- such fun! Other than all that, everything is good.

I can't believe i am only in week #22, i feel like I have been pregnant for a lot longer than that! Garage foundation is poured and hardened and daddy just got his wood delivered so framing will start tomorrow. that makes mommy very happy cause it means daddy will spend his afternoons walking around wearing a tool belt..... mix that one with raging hormones... good thing baby can't speak yet! No other updates. If you readers are bored or looking for new challenges, i am starting to accept submissions for the world's best pumpkin pie contest Kfer and i have decided to host. Rules are simple: drop your pumpkin pie off at the doorstep with a little tag with your name on it. We'll continue to "sample the goods" until the end of October and then call you to tell you if you've won. Winner gets babysitting rights (and honorary title as Kfer's favorite pie-maker).
Good luck! xox Gayle

Fetal Development : 22 Weeks

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Thursday, September 19, 2002
Dear Kfer, Let's get something clear. You beg me for a great big steak, almost to the point of leading me to the butcher counter where i need to exert all my strength not to bite into the racks of raw meat, and when I go through all the trouble of screaming at your father until he cooks our dinner for us, but you pay me back for my troubles by subjecting me (and the rest of the house) to the joys of your digestive symphony, making it impossible to get comfortable. Then when I finally do, you knock me unconscious in the middle of the movie I am watching. Now I know why new parents say they never see any movies. You are real Cute!

I am glad you are poking out enough so that people are finally giving me their seats on the streetcar, but it would be far nicer of you to wait a few more months before you start ripping apart my back muscles. But hey sweetie, I won't mind if you just started to move around a bit so we can feel you from the outside (I will get way more attention that way than I am currently getting with your well-timed internal jabs) and Daddy will be far more likely to drive to Dairy Queen to get us that caramel sunday you know we both want. Teamwork babe!

Everything is smooth sailing now and I am in the second trimester EZ zone. The cool weather also helps us sleep better. Last week we were at 21 lbs of weight gain but still running. Can't believe I actually fit into those huge red shorts Bubby bought for us. Still, I look damn gorgeous if I must say so myself. One of the trainers at the gym today asked me if I had already delivered (very good looking but not that bright) until he noticed you bulging out from under the baggy T. Back to the clingy spandex we go...can't risk being treated like a normal person! No other big updates. Kfer and I are heading up to a cottage with his honorary aunts Muriel and Jac tomorrow (hah- let them see what it's like to spend 3 days with a pregnant woman). Wheee... wanna pretend our water breaks and see what they do? xox Mom

Fetal Development: 21 Weeks

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Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Happy Half-way! We have finally received the results of our amnio and ultrasound and are thrilled to say that Kfer is healthy and growing and free of those terrible diseases that increase in frequency when Mommies wait a little bit longer to start their baby-making machines. T

he next exciting piece of news of course is that Kfer is a boy which already has Daddy pondering the irony of "what-goes-around-comes- around" philosophies (don't be surprised if Daddy starts calling his parents more often and creating self-monitoring locking devices for his guitars and for the Mustang).

Mommy's thrilled with the addition of yet another testosterone-producing mammal in the house (score currently at 4:1 in favor of males). But am honestly excited about the prospects of sitting in the bleachers sipping spiked coffee and watching my little superstar wearing a "I'm a Hockey/Football/Ballet or whatever my son wants to do.

We are almost finished the Master bedroom renovations and have finally gotten a permit to start building the garage (so Daddy will have a place to hide when Kfer starts screaming at 3 am, and Mommy will have a place to send Daddy when he starts screaming louder than Kfer).

We have also started thinking about nursery decor since after our trip to Pottery Barns for kids. Daddy informed Mommy that her tastes are too "Nouveau Baby" (where does he get these expressions?)) and that we need to think less quilted patchwork and more "planes, trains, automobiles or Winnie the Pooh-ish". Okay, that's fun. I guess we'll also finally be able to start talking baby names now (otherwise Kfer is staying Kfer).

Health wise Mommy feels great (although my trainer laughed at me this week when I needed to rest between sets) but is busting out of her Double D's and not relishing the now overdue trip to the bra store to ask if they have anything sexy in size G (for gigantic). Lower back pain is pretty much a nightly occurrence but other than that, no strange symptoms or dietary urges. Daddy would probably write a whole separate letter on the joys of hormone surges but that's his prerogative... this is my journal to my SON! xoxo Mommy

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Thursday, September 5, 2002
We're in the last week of the first half. Despite the fact that Jacqueline says I look humungous and must therefore be lying about how far along we really are, Vic says I can still pass for "fat" (Hey people, read a pregnancy book- you are supposed to be NICE to me!). Kfer is now 9 inches long and therefore the size of your average kosher dill. S/he is also starting to grow hair now and if s/he is anything like her Dad, that will certainly add another couple pounds to Mom's gut. No news on most of the test results yet (medical practitioners must have death wishes to risk pissing off pregnant

women!) except that the maternal screening came back with good news. I am feeling great but am getting back pains more often now. Dad and Mom went running this week and for the sad but inevitable first time, Mom didn't make it up Russell Hill rd. I set a goal to try to do a 5km run on Oct 6 at which point we will be 25 weeks or just ending our 6th month. I hope I can hold out until then. Dad and Mom are celebrating their 3 rd year anniversary today. Two houses, 3 pets, one heart challenge, two lay-offs, two start- ups and a 67 Mustang with accompanying garage later we are counting the weeks until we bring our little peanut into our crazy world. I love you Vic! Thank you for this amazing, evolving adventure. I haven't felt Kfer move yet but i am certainly starting to feel his/her food preferences and believe me, when Kfer doesn't like something Mom's eaten, we ALL know about it!

Keep growing kid! xox Mom

Fetal Development: 19 Weeks

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Wednesday, August 28, 2002
okay, this is the 4th time I am writing this and since i keep screwing up (and refuse to attribute it to prego brain) I will take it as a sign from the universe that whatever i was going to write should not be written and so i will write something instead. I will also not correct and typos since that is how i have booted myself out of this letter 3 times already. Mommy is doing great. So is Daddy. We started running together in the mornings (or rather Vic started getting up in the morning and joining me for my runs). I love it. We run through the area, up the big hill, and down to the village then get a second cup coffee and walk home. It's a great start to the day. Vic likes it because he totally outruns me now... I can't really call what i do running. More like waddling at a trot-pace. Baby loves it too, at least that's what my intuition tells me since i don't feel it yet. Think I finally get what they mean about the glowing second trimester because i find myself singing out loud while I am walking in public (which i haven't done since high school, and i am attracting every manner of crazy person alive. I always knew people get attracted to happy people, but now I also think people get attracted to pregnant people, too. Also, despite the fact i am larger than I have ever been in my life and that is a totally strange phenomenon to get used to, I still think I'm a babe and am amazed to find myself checking out myself in the mirror and thinking- wow, my stomach and ass are huge but boy I've got nice muscular legs! I think second trimester rocks because its still all about me and in the third trimester, it really becomes about the baby. Daddy must be feeling the same euphoria because he keeps walking around singing "this is not my beautiful house, this is not my beautiful wife, how'd I get this beautiful house? How'd i get this beautiful wife?" Funny how time seems to move so slowly because everything revolves around "when baby comes" and yet it is already month #5 and each time I run into someone I haven't seen in a while, they are completely floored that I have a belly (like the didn't believe that i was pregnant (Sandy! Dad!. It's funny. I am having a lot of fun. This is more fun than getting stoned (although i get the munchies either way). Kfer- your mommy once smoked drugs, but she only inhaled every second breath and i did not have sexual relations with that woman. Yah, I know.. wacko!

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Tuesday, August 27, 2002 Mystery!
Apparently the people at the ultrasound lab are not "allowed" to tell us anything about the results of the test, including if the baby is healthy or what it's gender is. Apparently, they submit a report to our doctor and then we get to hear it from her because even though they are "trained ultrasound professionals", they need to let the doctors interpret the results. The technician said she told Vic the sex in Ukrainian but when he asked his dad to translate it was obvious we didn't have the word for either boy or girl. Maybe my dream was right and we are having a kitten. actually, I think she actually gave us the Ukrainian word for "get out of my dark, smelly, curtained cubicle and stop harassing me", but my Ukrainian is a little rusty so we'll have to assume we lost something in the translation. She did say we have a very "nice baby", and that was in English so I believe her.

We did get to see the baby in great detail (not detail enough for our untrained eyes to hazard a guess), and we will get the pictures up on our site by tomorrow so you can see them. He or she is definitely moving around a ton, the ultrasound took over an hour instead of 20 minutes because he/she was moving so much they couldn't get the measurements done. I still can't feel the movements from the outside yet, hopefully soon..

Next Dr. appointment is Sept 13 so if they won't tell us the results of either the ultrasound or the amnio by phone before then, I guess we all have to wait.

Last chance to send in guesses. Am also updating the website this week if you have any pictures (Burmans! Shalits! Houstons!).

Thursday August 22, 2002
We had our amnio today and saw the baby moving all around. Next week we have an anatomical ultrasound so we will see much more detail but it was still very cool. Saw the spine and heart, the brain and it even raised its arm and waved to us and turned right towards us on the screen so we could see the outline of its face. Don't believe what they write in the prego books, amnios suck. Not painful, just very uncomfortable. the good news is it only lasts about a minute. been having cramps all morning because of it but that's normal apparently). Bought maternity clothes for the first time this week in Montreal. Actually kind cute. Not the tent-like stuff our mom's had to wear (sorry mom). No exercise for the next three days but mom and baby are still running albeit it now takes me 40 mins to run what i used to run in 30. Dad is excited about the baby... but maybe just a little more excited this week about the new 67 mustang (which, incidentally, does not wave in its pictures!!). The car is signed sealed and delivered... will be the coolest 67 convertible mustang with a car-seat ever! Looking forward to next week's ultrasound and finally knowing the sex. Scream now if you don't want to know (and we won't tell you). 

Fetal Development: 17 Weeks

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Thursday August 15, 2002
Well, it's the last week of our fourth month and we are definitely showing. Lots of ligament pulls going on, which feels something akin to a little monkey in your stomach tugging on your insides. Not painful, just kinda creepy. Had my very first dream about having a baby last night (that and kissing an ex-boyfriend- go figure that one out Freud). It was a very tiny baby boy in a pale yellow sleeper which, after the first few minutes, actually turned into a kitten and i was having a very hard time getting a diaper on it and getting it to breast feed. Interpret at will. My running has taken a drastic hit, i can no longer call it running and will have to slip back to my former years of "jogging", but at least I'm out there. No weird cravings or aversions this week. Did get my first unsolicited stupid comment from a complete stranger so, that combined with last week's unsolicited touching probably means i am now officially obviously prego. It's amazing that pretty much everything they say in the baby books actually does in fact happen (have I ever been this predictable in my life before? Have I ever been so.... textbook? Probably. But I was happier before when only everyone else in the world knew it). xox G

Fetal Development: 16 Weeks

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Thursday August 8, 2002
Remember, this is actually week #16. Baby starts hearing this week so Daddy has been talking to my belly. Mostly just asking him when he/she's coming out. i am guessing baby will get tired of hearing this question for the next 6 months so soon Vic will need some new material. I am obviously pregnant now. two strangers have touched my belly. I have decided to start touching strangers' bellies first just to see what happens. selectively of course (only males below the age of 30). Mom is doing well but Baby is eating like a fiend. Constantly hungry. Vic is keeping up but not gaining weight (hate him). Thinking how huge I will be if this pace keeps up. Loving the cool weather and the great, deep sleeps although still up at least twice in the night to pee, and once more in the night to let Truman out (even the dog is acting pregnant). So good news is baby will have yet another second cousin now that Shirad, Eitan and Reen are expecting! Busy summer this has been for family announcements and happy occasions. Now if i can get the same rhythm going with my girlfriends... baby may have someone to play with... xox G

Fetal Development: 15 Weeks

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Tuesday August 6, 2002
and I have been away for the last week so here is the status update for week #14 although remember, that' means I was in week #15. Since I am late sending this, we actually start #16 tomorrow. That's the week the baby can reach 7 inches long and can start to hear so time to start talking nice! My stomach has finally outpaced my butt expansion and I am truly showing. Proof? Two people have touched my belly and one was a stranger. How totally strange. I guess I need to get used to that. No weird symptoms. Growth cramps occasionally and am starting to lose my taste for shrimp, fish and chicken. Weirdest thing is an occasional craving for pasta which I rarely ever ate before I was pregnant. Stay tuned for next update tomorrow. xo G

Fetal Development: 14 Weeks

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Wednesday July 14, 2002
Okay- Week 13 was not entirely a great week. Big mood swings, lots of dizziness and irritability. Wasn't feeling great and really wanted week #13 to be over. Anxiously awaited #14 only to discover that has now changed the way they record the week you are in and figure that if I am in my 14th week, then I am now only 13 weeks pregnant- sort of the way you track your birthday. Well that's all fine and dandy but that means I am sending you the progress report for week#13 again so if you read it last time, don't bother. It's the same (even though Mom and Baby are not). I feel great this week. All the happy symptoms of breaking out, break wind and breaking down. But otherwise we are rocking and rolling through this pregnancy. Baby hasn't started placing any irrational demands on anyone (same not necessarily true for Mom). Wearing all my fat clothes now from 2 years ago, and those lovely Wal-Mart style granny underwear. But am still a gorgeous babe! xox G

Fetal Development: 13 Weeks

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Wednesday July 17, 2002
Today marks the first day of our second trimester, the beginning of month #4. Officially safe to start telling people (is there anyone left we haven't told?). Feeling great physically. Still running 3- 4X per week and not as nauseous (except when I eat and when I don't eat- go figure). Less tired too, except by end of day. Grandparents all acting normal, happily distracted by Richard's engagement. Baby needs more cousins....

Fetal Development: Week 13

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Wednesday July 10, 2002
Mom is still feeling great. Lots of energy. Weather is cooler so am a lot more comfortable. Can get back to running (but running shorter distances, at slower pace, less frequently). Since there is only 1 week left, I feel it is safe to say I made it through the first trimester without tossing my saltines. No weird cravings, some mood swings (Vic would question use of word "some"). Tummy and butt in serious race for expansion... not sure which is winning! Next Dr. appointment is tomorrow. Looking forward to hearing heartbeat again but this time using Doppler. xoxo Gayle

Fetal Development: Week 12

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Wednesday July 3, 2002
Here is the latest. Mom, Dad and junior all doing well. Feeling more energy lately but also a bit of nausea. No morning sickness (yeah!), some crazy mood swings. Looking forward to heading up to Whistler this week-end to visit Uncle Richard. xox Gayle

Fetal Development: Week 11
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