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“Successful Trip” -  report July 2008


Regina - Huntsville - Lake Rousseau - Minden - Toronto - Mississauga - Regina


3,400 kilometers, in 3.5 weeks, visiting family and friends and bringing sunny skies with us the entire trip.


Highlights were -


Watching Mom being pulled behind Gord's boat in an inflatable raft. My Gawd!!  Followed by her 90th birthday celebration.


Slow Down


That's Better!


The Cake Arrives


Visiting Libby and Gord's family mansion on the water......so full of love and family activities.



We Gather



A boat ride around Gord and Libby's Bay.... bottoming out trying to go up river!

The 250 horsepower Sea-Doo - 72 miles an hour!!

     Gord shows the "Power and Speed" - Libby throws out tennis balls.


Supper with Jen, Mom and Jamie at Jen and Greg's cottage and eating Sushi (almost raw tuna) Cripes! But it was amazingly tasty and fine!


Proving to Libby that we keep the rain clouds away at will, and when we leave they arrive!


Ringing the “Welcome Bell" at the simply breathtaking "Bell" estate.  Good food, another great boat ride, and diving for the missing boat top fastener John dropped into the water. Finding it allowed John's heart to return to it’s normal beat!  Most of all the great friendship, more than 65 years now!



A quick visit with Gayle, Vic, Kobe and Ben. Repacked the car, caught up on sleep and disappeared as fast as we arrived. Once again we left a set of keys........groan!


Daughter Gayle


With Kobe


Benjamin Holds Court


Leaving barking Teddy in Mom's luxury high rise apartment in the ManuLife building while Jamie took us all out for supper at a fine restaurant near his work.  Good laughs, good company and good memories.



Mom and John



Mom, Jamie and the Earles


Things we can count on........


Explaining to everyone that if John was on dialysis he would be attached to a machine a lot of the time, but thankfully that is not the case - at least yet - instead we suffer from "LORF" (lack of ready funds) and thus need to be attached to the internet to receive fresh funds every day!


And I press this key for cash!


Learning we have free access to the internet from almost every motel parking lot, including Day's Inns, Comfort Inns, and all Real Estate offices. We feel like we were internet bandits living in the ethersphere.


The car....what a wonderful reliable beautiful ride.........not one problem, until Helene locked the keys in the trunk at Donny's. Thank-you CAA.


Being extremely happy to be able to spend time with each other and with our "senior" pet Teddy. Turns out Teddy can be even more cranky than John when approached by a well meaning admirer.


We plan to leave on Sept 14th to make a 3 week. 3000 kilometer trip to visit Rich, Lisa and twins.


This will be our first visit to their home.




John and Helene

(Proving life is finding the shortest path

  between Tim Hortons Restaurants)





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