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Award's Night - Aug 3, 2009



Videos from our Trip to Loon Lake, Ontario
 Sport's Day Weekend - August 1st,2009

Set-Up at KOA - Thunder Bay
KOA Website

Terry Fox Memorial - Thunder Bay, July 31, 2009

Visit to Camp Duncan - East Loon Lake

History of Camp Duncan


Visit to Ouimet Canyon after 60 Years

Ontario Parks Web Page


100 Year Old Approx Duncan Family Cottage Loon Lake, Ontario


Xmas in July Sleigh Ride KOA Campground Thunder Bay Aug 1, 2009

318 Archibald Street, Thunder Bay, Ontario - Old Duncan Family Home

GR Duncan Original Developer of the Town of Kakabeka Falls, Ontario


The Old Pump and the Passing Train East Loon Lake, Ontario


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