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The Duncan Shield Canoe Race
Raising Funds for Camp Quality at Camp Duncan

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Letter of Support from LLCA

Letter to Loon Lake Camper Association Membership from David Dubinski - President

July 28, 2010

Some of you may remember the lovely visitors that we had during Sportís Weekend last year - John and Helene Duncan of Regina.  John is the grandson of GR Duncan for whom the Duncan Shield and Camp Duncan at East Loon are named. 

John and Helene came to visit during Sportís Weekend to watch some of the events and the sportsmanship but particularly to watch the Sandbar Race which kicks off the weekend - the winners of which are awarded the Duncan Shield.  John and Helene were guests of Melissa and I on our pontoon boat to watch the race.  John was also thrilled to be a part of the Awards Night and the handing out of the Duncan Shield to Dave Bradley and Bruce Halvorson. 

On their way home to Regina last year, John resolved to get in shape and enter the race in 2010 with a view to raising money for Camp Duncan and Camp Quality.   He and a friend Ken Gamble will be entering the race this year (as Honorary Members of the LLCA).  They have set up a website and YouTube video to describe their challenge and are looking for donations and for any and all racers to register and seek pledges for this very worthy cause.  If you are interested in sponsoring John and Ken or registering your own team, please visit the website and watch Johnís YouTube video at:

The Loon Lake Campersí Association is proud to be a part of this worthwhile effort to assist less fortunate youngsters. 

Congratulations John and Ken and safe paddling! 

David Dubinsky
LLCA President

Camp Quality Letter from Director Gladys Berringer 

June , 2010

To supporters of the fundraiser for Camp Quality Northwestern Ontario  - Duncan Memorial Canoe Race at Loon Lake  

This letter is indicating  support for John Duncan in his generous efforts of  organizing a fundraiser for Camp Quality Northwestern Ontario . 

Camp Quality Canada  is a non-profit volunteer organization providing a camping experience and year round support for children with cancer and their families. Camp Quality believes in improving the quality of life for children living with cancer and their families. We want them to find joy and hope through the healing power of laughter and optimism, shared experiences, and meaningful ongoing support 

Camp Quality Northwestern Ontario is a  program of Camp Quality Canada and funds raised in Northwestern Ontario are dedicated to the children of Northwestern Ontario. The  program accomplishes this through volunteer efforts, generous supporters, the supportive medical community and of course some amazing children and their families. 

Camp Quality has successfully been operating in the region since 2002 and once again will be holding its 9th summer camp program at Camp Duncan at East Loon Lake, Thunder Bay. Funds raised through this event will be donated to the Camp Duncan Board to be used to enhance the facility that is so loved by the campers and volunteers.   

We greatly appreciate this support and ask you to generously support the Duncan Memorial Canoe Race.  

Yours truly, 

Gladys Berringer 

Gladys Berringer
Camp Quality Northwestern Ontario

Camp Duncan eMail from Marilyn Beyak

March 25, 2009

Hello John:

The Camp Duncan Board passed the following motion  

"That we support the proposal by J Duncan to raise money for Camp Duncan through Camp Quality through The Duncan Shield Canoe Race in August 2010 and that we send a letter endorsing the proposal to J Duncan."
Any funds received will see improvements and/or upgrades to Camp Duncan that will improve the camping experience. 

With a very few exceptions the work at the camp has been done by volunteers.
Hoping  that your training continues to go well.
If I could have your mailing address I would be pleased to send you a Camp Quality 2008 yearbook.
Marilyn Beyak, secretary  Camp Duncan

eMail to the Extended Duncan, Flatt, Racine Family - March 1, 2010

 Take a Moment to Look Back at Today in our Family History

101 years ago today, March 1, 1909, our forefather, my father's father, Gaylen Rupert Duncan opened the doors to his new business, G.R. Duncan and Company, Ltd., Real Estate and Insurance, in Fort William, Ontario.

On February 14, of this year, The Thunder Bay Chronicle-Journal ran an article commemorating G.R. Duncan's contribution to the shaping of today's Thunder Bay downtown area.

It is a credit to the life and work of G.R.D. that 68 years after his death a major City in Canada still remembers him and honors him.

As a family, this heritage is part of our great wealth.

I have read this article out loud to myself and to Helene and I urge you to do the same for yourself and your family. It deserves more than a glance.

This summer I plan to dedicate my entry as a racer into the Duncan Shield canoe race at Loon Lake in part to the memory of three Gaylen Duncan's that have shaped my life, my Grandfather, my Father, and my Brother.

My Dad was a winner of the race in 1933.

I will further dedicate this race to the memory of my Uncle Jack Flatt and my Father's brother, Uncle Fred, both who were early racers and winners of the Shield.

I am told this race may be the oldest continually held annual canoe race in North America.

I am inviting you to join me in this dedication and expression of honor by pledging your support.

I would be proud to help you dedicate this support to any person you choose, friend or family, past or present, by recording your dedication on the Tribute website.

John Duncan

eMail to Dave Bradley, President of the Loon Lake Campers Association -  July 17, 2009

Hi David,

My Grandfather was G.R. Duncan ...   I am 67 years old.

My wife Helene and I are planning to come to view this year's Sports weekend.

It was a very important part of my life for several summers in a row, more than 50 years ago.

We are booked in to the KOA campground (We are tenters)

Is there a schedule of activities that I can see on the net?

I am particularly interested in the Duncan canoe race from Camp Duncan to the community dock.

Is that event still held?

When would it take place.

John Duncan
Regina, Saskatchewan

Dave Bradley's response - July 18, 2009


Very good to hear from you and that you are planning to attend Sports Weekend.  I am very much looking forward to meeting you.

There will be a weekend events schedule produced and posted to the website at

The whole weekend starts off with the "Sandbar" open canoe race for the Duncan Shield on Friday July 31st.

I am proud to say my name is on the shield a couple of times!  

The shield has had a couple of enlargements to accommodate the many years of name plates.  It has had a freshening up and enlargement this past winter.  We are all anxious to see it.

The association's website is just up and running this spring.  It is very much a work in progress.  Our intention is to use the site as an archive for stories and photos explaining the history of the lake.

We would be delighted if you could share with us some of your memories of your days at the lake.  If you have some old photos you can bring with that we can scan and load onto the website that would be awesome.

Our plan is to do a write up on each of the impressive array of trophies and shields.  It would be very fitting if the description of the genesis of the Duncan Shield was completed and uploaded to the site this summer in conjunction with your visit.

In fact you may want to present the award at the annual awards on Monday evening!

When the schedule is finalized it will go up onto the site.  Should be within the week.

I have copied this message to our webmaster David Dubinsky and our Sports Weekend convenor Nancy Petrick.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Otherwise, see you in a couple of weeks.

Dave Bradley

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All Duncan Shield Winners and Times

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